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Women Leadership and Political Awareness program

It is the training program for strengthening leadership skill in Myanmar women of potential. The training is designed to encourage women from various regions of Myanmar to participate fully in socio-political dynamics, NGOs, CSOs and political parties, taking a leading role at work or in their family.

The project started in 2012 and it highlighted the needs of young women in leadership positions and activists from diverse ethnic backgrounds, who need to mobilize and involve in politics and nation building to develop a variety skills including self confidence, learning political and organizational works, giving courage to the participant to speak out and actively take part in decision-making processes. These skills are seeing as a fundamental step to being leaders within their communities.

The training program was designed as a participatory and interactive classroom-based learning combined with outreach and dissemination activities to study how the knowledge and concepts they learnt are to be transformed into practice. Women participants study about Myanmar Politics trend, Myanmar Constitution 2008, Myanmar Laws that affect on them, Public Speaking skill and leadership skill.

At the completion of the training the women had developed many new skills. These skills will help them to develop their capacity and skills in rights-based approach, decision-making, advocating strategically with institutions and communities with the purpose of influencing policy change at a local, state and national level.