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About Us

Founded in 2005, Charity Oriented Myanmar (COM) is a national youth-led civil society organization dedicated to promote democratic culture and socio-economic development in Myanmar by empowering young people and women, strengthening political institutions, raising political awareness in the public, participating in the peace building process and working for the development of rural and urban communities.

COM, although established in 2005, has actively started involving in the political process of Myanmar in many ways since after 2010, which is believed to be a major milestone of thenation to democracy. COM delivers many kinds of training programmes targeting different clients such as youth, women, ethnicyouth, all political parties, ethnic political parties, etc. so that they can effectively and efficiently participate in the democratization process. Now, COM has over 800 alumni,11 Alumni Clubs across the country and 3 Youth Resource Centers in Taunggyi, Mawlamyine and Dawei. And COM also holds public forums in many places to mobilize the general public to participate in politics and raise their voice to be heard by duty bearers. Moreover, COM conducts advocacy workshops with both state and non-state actors who are playing a major role at all levels in Myanmar politics. In addition, COM also works for the development of rural communities with the help of international volunteers through International Voluntary Service Programme. Most importantly, COM runs a social enterprise called Hita San Company for its sustainability. COM’s registration number at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is 2058.


“Praise Youth and It Will Prosper – Think Peace”

Myanmar youth and adults effectively and efficiently participate in the state building process with increased socio-political and professional knowledge to form a Peaceful and Just Society


To promote social and political awareness of youth and equip them with leadership and technical skills to achieve socio-economic development and the best practice of democratic culture in the diverse community


COM has three main programme departments, Department of Politics, Department of Development and Department of Social Enterprise and is doing many projects at the national level with the international links and support.

The projects on which COM, as a selfless organization,is working are;

(1) Leadership and Political Awareness Training Programme (LPT)
(2) Strengthening & Empowering Political Institutions for Political Parties (SEPI)
(3) Strengthening Leadership and Political Awareness in Women of Potential (SLPA)
(4) Promoting Political Awareness of Communities & Civic Education of their Representatives (PACER)
(5) International Voluntary Service Programme (IVS)
(6) Gender Equality and Health Service Equity Project
(7) Awareness Raising for Census Information and Data
(8) Hita San Social Enterprise Company ( for the sustainability of the organization)