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Political Awareness Program for Political Parties and CSOs

It is a mobile training program for the future leaders from parties, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and their stakeholders, whose need to mobilize and involve with effective and efficient skill and knowledge in the politic and national building empowerment.

The aim of this program is to strengthen the capacity of young people in CSOs, and political parties especially women members to increase political awareness and promote their decision making and leadership role so that they can enforce the State in building democratic society.

National League for Democracy (NLD), Union Solitary and Development Party (USDP), ethnics political parties, some duty barriers, stakeholders and local CSOs are mainly focused in this program.

The Goal of the program is,
• Building confidence and giving courage to the new generation from political parties, duty barriers and CSOs who give the voice and representative of community and taking part in decision-making body.
The Objectives of the program are,

1. To encourage young generation from political parties and CSOs to think about how they can play a role in the available space in the State Building or regional building level.
2. To strengthen the capacity of women members in political parties and CSOs to increase political awareness, speak out and effectively promote women in decision making and leadership.
3. To learn more about the democratic principles, leadership, state building, green society, ethnic voice and equality, advocacy steps, strategies and techniques suitable to a restrictive program context.
4. To cooperate and organize each political parties like bridging society for reducing the poverty inline by using people base people empower methodology.

No. Area Quantity Type of Participants’ Org
1 Lashio Township, Shan State 25 CSOs
2 Inndaw Township, Sagaing Region 25 CSOs
3 Yangon Township, Yangon Region 20 CSOs
4 Taunggyi Township, Shan State 25 Political Parties
5 DeMawSoe Township, Kayah State 30 Political Parties
6 Kyite Latt Township, Ayarwaddy Region 30 CSOs
7 Than Phyu Zayat Township, Mon State 26 Political Parties and CSOs