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Leadership and Political Awareness Training Program for Youth (LPT)

This program is scholarship and fellowship training program for all young people who live different places in Myanmar. Politic, Economic and Development concepts concern with current Myanmar situation and Leadership skills will be provided in training program.

There will be approximately 30 participants who are representatives from different regions (especially from ethnic and minority groups) in each training course. Each training last 35 days.

The goal of this training is to empower young people with the specific skills and knowledge necessary to participate in decision making process and to be leaders for improving local governance and build up happy society for all.

We provided the 35 days of training camp which are 28 days of capacity building, 4 days of open discussion and special talks for seminar and 3 days of holiday are based and designed on three themes. So three themes are – awareness session the first title of topic is Good Citizenship, the second one is skill developments session and the last one is open discussions and talks on special topics for seminars. All of training activities are allocated of courses sequences. The following are Training Courses in LPT program;

Myanmar Political trends
2008 Myanmar Constitution
Rule of Law
Human Rights and civilian rights
Gender Awareness
Leadership Skill
Fair Living Style (Negotiation)
Community mobilization and facilitation skill
Advocacy and campaigning
Economic literacy
Environment and next generation
English for communication
Basic ICT for networking

After awareness training, Alumni are supported with information sharing, ToT courses based on the alumni needs and small grant programs. Also, we often held alumni forum to meet all alumni together and make network regionally to carry out local and regional actions together. Currently, our regional alumni networks are located in every States and Regions.