• To Work For The Betterment Of People In Need

International Voluntary Service Program in Myanmar


COM started familiar with the global international voluntary exchange in 2008 in Vietnam and in 2012 participated the NVDA GA meeting in India. The first international volunteer workcamp was organized in October 2012 in Sobawte Village in Kayah state, Myanmar with volunteers from Japan, Hong Kong and Myanmar. The workcamps are completed with volunteers from 15 countries such as Myanmar, Asia, Europe and US. We finished 22 workcamps and recruit 223 volunteers.


1) To strengthen International voluntary service in Myanmar for youth capacity development
2) To promote social Awareness of youth and adult and empower them in various sectors for peaceful development society
3) To learn intercultural exchange & support local community with voluntary service in the field of work
4) To develop friendship, sharing skills and understanding


1) Agriculture support
2) Construction and Renovation
3) Environment protection
4) Education awareness
5) Social sharing

Being a Volunteer

– Self-responsibility
– Committed to work
– Willing to offer help
– Show interest
– Fun and learn
– Respect to local culture
– Team work